ThidwickThidwick post barn

In the picture on the left, the brown material on Thidwick’s carapace (dorsal shell) is barnacles!  Thidwick was covered!  The barnacles were removed over the first few days of his stay. The results are shown in the picture on the right. The turtle most likely had been ill and floating for sometime so the barnacles had the opportunity to attached to the shell. Typically, turtles will dive under water and find something to scratch off the barnacles or fish will eat them off. Surprisingly, Thidwick’s barnacles only weighed 1/2 pound. There are some carapace wounds and soft tissue damage caused by the barnacles so Thidwick will be staying at the STAR Center for sometime.

  • age / species: Juvenile Green
  • admittance date: 2/17/17 Frisco
  • cause: Cold Stun
  • weight: 7 lbs
  • outcome: Release 4-25-17

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