Rescue & Rehab

N.E.S.T. has its roots in helping injured and sick turtles. In the mid 90’s N.E.S.T. founders led by our first president Millie Overman, wanted to focus on the rehabilitation of turtles who had already beat the terrible odds of surviving those first few days and years of turtle life. They soon found that the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island had no facilities to treat injured turtles. The first injured turtles were treated in the living rooms of N.E.S.T. volunteers. Eventually, funds were secured by N.E.S.T. for a small turtle treatment facility at the aquarium. In 2014, that humble facility was replaced by the new Sea Turtle Assistance and Rehabilitation (STAR) Center at the Aquarium on Roanoke Island. NEST volunteers still help care for turtles there.

N.E.S.T. is also responsible for rescuing and transporting sick and injured sea turtles to the STAR Center. N.E.S.T. receives on its 24 hour hotline hundreds of calls a year from beachgoers reporting turtle sittings. Each of those calls is screened and then investigated by N.E.S.T. volunteers. Volunteers will then transport turtles needing treatment to the STAR Center. During winter months at times of abrupt water temperature drops, N.E.S.T. has rescued hundreds of turtles stunned by the cold water and stranded in Pamlico Sound. Many of these turtles are transported to the STAR Center. We also necropsy and collect samples from dead turtles to help researchers find out more about sea turtles.

Image Name Age/Species Strand Date / Location Cause of Strand Weight Outcome

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Fin Juvenile Kemps Ridley 11-14-14/Pea Island overwash 39.4 lbs Permanently at NC Aquarium Roanoke Island

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Gooey Juvenile Green 01-20-16 / Buxton cold stunned 6.6 lbs Release 4-25-17

Yosemite Juvenile Green 1-15-16 / Virginia Beach cold stunned 11.4 lbs moved to exhibits

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Yertle Juvenile Loggerhead 07-10-16 / Ocracoke pneumonia 75 lbs now 91.5 lbs Released 1-13-17

Unnamed Number 4 Juvenile/Green 12/11/16/Frisco Cold Stun 2.8 lbs. Release 4-25-17

Lorax Number 8 Juvenile/Kemps 12/11/16/Avon Cold Stun 4.4 lbs Released 7-7-17

Izzy Juvenile Green 11-08-16 / Frisco Head Trauma 7.3 lbs found permanent home at Wonders of Life Aquarium in MO

Sneedle Number 3 Juvenile Loggerhead 12-10-16 / Avon Cold Stun 67.6 lbs Release 4-25-17

Number 17 Otto Juvenile Kemps Ridley 1/01/17 Hatteras Cold Stun 4.8 lbs Released 2-5-17

Unnamed 23 Juvenile Green 1/08/17 Hatteras Cold Stun 7.7 lbs Release 4-25-17

Unnamed 24 Juvenile Green 1/08/17 Hatteras Cold Stun 8.5 lbs Release 4-25-17

Number 27 King Louie Juvenile Loggerhead 1/10/17 Ocracoke Cold Stun 7.7 lbs Release 4-25-17

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Number 29 Sir Snapps Juvenile Loggerhead 1/31/17 Frisco Floating Cold Stunned 50 lbs Release 4-25-17

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Number 30 Joey Juvenile Green 2/4/17 Cold Stun 11.5 lbs Released 7-7-17

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Number 31 Thidwick Juvenile Green 2/17/17 Frisco Cold Stun 7 lbs Release 4-25-17

Number 32 Conrad Juvenile Kemps Ridley 3/16/17 Frisco Cold Stun 2.9 lbs Release 4-25-17

Number 33 Bart Juvenile Green 3/16/17 Frisco Cold Stun 10.1 lbs Released 7-7-17

Number 34 Foo Foo the Snoo Juvenile Green 3/16/17 Frisco Cold Stun 6.0 lbs Released 7-7-17

Number 35 Lala Lee Lou Juvenile Green 3/16/17 Frisco Cold Stun 13.4 lbs Release 4-25-17

Number 36 Dr. Dake Juvenile Green 3/16/17 Frisco Cold Stun 5.0 lbs Released 7-7-17

Number 37 Willy Water Loo Juvenile Loggerhead 3/16/17 Buxton Cold Stun 59.3 Released 7-7-17

Number 38 Zax Juvenile Green 3/16/17 Ocracoke Cold Stun 5.7 lbs Release 4-25-17

Number 39 Fizza-ma Juvenile Green 3/17/17 Frisco Cold Stun 6.0 lbs Release 4-25-17

Number 40 Blogg Juvenile Green 3/17/17 Ocracoke Cold Stun 8.1 lbs Released 7-7-17

Number 41 Ted Juvenile Green 3/17/17 Frisco Cold Stun 10.6 lbs Release 4-25-17

Number 42 JoJo Juvenile Green 3/18/17 Frisco Cold Stun 5.7 lbs Released 7-7-17

Number 43 Mr. Brown Juvenile Green 3/17/17 Frisco Cold Stun 7.9 lbs Released 4-25-17

Number 44 Nick Juvenile Green 3/20/17 Frisco Cold Stun 6.8 lbs Released 7-7-17

Number 45 Bolster Juvenile Green 3/20/17 Buxton Cold Stun 9.0 lbs Released 4-25-17

Number 46 Fritz Juvenile Kemps Ridley 3/20/17 Buxton Cold Stun 50.0 lbs Released 4-25-17

Number 47 Max Juvenile Green 3/20/17 Frisco Cold Stun 5.3 lbs Release 4-25-17

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Number 50 Wickershams Juvenile Green 5-17-17 / Buxton Cold Stun 8.8 lbs Released Coquina Beach OBX 8/2/17

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Number 51 Bicklebaum Juvenile Loggerhead 5-9-17 / Southern Shores Boat strike 127 lbs Released Coquina Beach OBX 8/2/17

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Number 52 Aunt Annie Green Juvenile/Green 5-21-17 Corolla Low blood glucose and barnacles 6.2 lbs Released 7-7-17

Number 53 Juvenile/Kemps 5-23-17 Avalon Fishing Pier fish hook 6.3 lbs Died

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Number 54 Rowdy Juvenile Kemps Ridley 5-16-17 transfered from Virginia Beach Aquarium Boat strike 25 lbs

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Number 55 Albert Einstein Juvenile Loggerhead 8-12-17 Cape Lookout Boat strike with skull fracture 75 lbs Euthanized

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Number 56 Sir Isaac Newton Juvenile Kemps Ridley 8-22-17 fish hook Released 8-23-17

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Number 57 Charles Darwin Sub Adult Loggerhead 9-28-17 Ocracoke Dehydrated/underweight 148.5 lbs