A Loggerhead sea turtle nest was found by Billy this a.m. This nest was laid in the beach area of Kill Devil Hills which is currently experiencing beach nourishment so the nest had to be relocated out of harm’s way.

Billy savors his sea turtle nest find

Billy savors his sea turtle nest find.

Job one was finding the egg chamber and after marking off the area the dig began

Jeanette (left) discovers the eggs as Holly confirms the SPOT

Jeanette (left) discovers the eggs as Holly confirms the SPOT

The nest eggs were carefully removed from the nest  and placed in the relocation kit (egg cartons and a cooler) for relocation.

the egg relocation crew

the egg relocation crew with young visitors helping the team

Julien, P.E., Coastal Engineer from CB&I conducting the beach nourishment operations on the Outer Banks and Ricky, veteran NEST response team member  were present to review the nest relocation operation.

Ricky (left) and Julien seemed with the relocation process.

Ricky (left) and Julien seemed pleased with the relocation process.

The sea turtle eggs were moved to the relocation site and a new nest was made replicating the original nest. The eggs were placed in the new nest and the team finished enclosing the area.

hot and humid, but the response team completed their task at the new nest 8 site.

hot and humid, but the response team completed their task at the new nest 8 site.


Excavation Update!

NEST volunteers digging to find the egg chamber and pull out eggs to count.

NEST volunteers excited to see what they will find during the nest excavation.




Karen Clark with NCWRC showing the public a undeveloped sea turtle egg and how pliable the egg shell is.


Once again it was a beautiful evening for a sea turtle excavation as NEST volunteers and beach goers crowded the nesting site in anticipation.  Once Karen Clark with NCWRC arrived it was time to start digging and finally the hatching success of the nest was now known! During the excavation one live hatchling was found and was safely placed in a dark and cool spot until it could be released when it was night time. A total of 117 eggs were found in the nest and it was determined that out of that total 98 live hatchlings made their way to the ocean, hooray!! Some of the eggs were opened to check the stage of development and a teeny tiny hatchling at “stage 2” development was found and was able to be observed by volunteers. Even though the hatchling did not make it, this is still a great opportunity for biologist and NEST volunteers to learn! Overall this nest had great hatching success and a BIG THANK YOU to the NEST Parent and nest sitting volunteers!


“Stage 2” hatchling under a magnifying glass.

Volunteers look at a sea turtle hatchling that reached “stage 2” development.












  • nest number: 08
  • town: Kill Devil Hills
  • date eggs laid: 07/06/2017
  • begin monitoring: 08/29/2017
  • actual emergence date: 8/26/2017
  • live hatchlings: 98
  • total eggs: 117

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