Relocation it is says the Nesting Response Team and KC of course! 

2017-07-12 Nest#11 Response - K.Clark (102)

Nesting Response Team discussing where the eggs might be!


Three days after Nest #10 was found, ATV rider Dan Waters found another crawl and sure enough the north team had Nest #11 on their hands! Unfortunately, momma sea turtle laid her eggs below the high tide but with KC’s blessing, the nesting response team quickly went to work on creating a safe and new nesting site for relocating the eggs!

2017-07-12 Nest#11 Response - K.Clark (112)

The team relocating the eggs into the new nest!


The heat was brutal that day but that didn’t stop the team from getting the eggs into the new egg chamber and marking off the nest. We told the sea turtles to grow strong and big in the next two months and we would see them again soon!

2017-07-12 Nest#11 Response - K.Clark (121)

Nesting Response Team is all smiles!



Excavation Update!


As Hurricane Jose lurked off the coast, it was decided to excavate this nest before the high tides got to it. 59 live hatchlings were observed emerging out of the nest 2 days before but inside the egg chamber we still had a surprise in store for us! As NEST volunteers began to excavate the nest squeals of excitement were heard as live hatchlings were found one after the other and so on until eventually we had another 59 LIVE HATCHLINGS in our bucket! It is save to say these little turtles were trying their best to get out but thankfully we were there to help! Overall the nest had a total amount of 132 eggs and out of that total, 118 live hatchlings made it out to ocean meaning this nest had great hatching success! The hatchlings were all released later that evening in hopes that most would make it out offshore safely.


Live pipped hatchling found in the egg chamber. This little turtle ended up scooting out of shell eventually.


All 59 live hatchlings found in the egg chamber during the excavation. They were kept in this bucket with moist sand and a towel over top to make sure the hatchlings rested and reserved their energy for the long journey ahead!




  • nest number: 11
  • town: Currituck National Wildlife Refuge
  • date eggs laid: 07/12/2017
  • begin monitoring: 09/04/2017
  • actual emergence date: 9/16/2017
  • live hatchlings: 118
  • total eggs: 132

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