Twas the night before Sunday, and all through the beach, there was a sea turtle a crawling, and no one was around! But the Kelly family spotted the sea turtle with care, in hopes that the nesting response team would soon be there!  

2017-07-09 Nest#10 Live Response (100) - Jeffrey Kelly

Momma Loggerhead Sea Turtle

2017-07-09 Nest#10 Response (207) - J. Griffith

Thumbs up for the Kelly family!

Nest #10 was pretty special since a family had the opportunity to actually see this sea turtle momma lay her eggs! Special thanks to the Kelly family for directing traffic to keep momma sea turtle safe through the night!

2017-07-09 Nest#10 Response (106) - M.Bijarro

ATV Rider Nancy arriving back to the nest site from her run.


2017-07-09 Nest#10 Response (108) - M.Bijarro

Nesting Responders give a thumbs up for eggs!

2017-07-09 Nest#10 Response (165) - J. Griffith

Temperature data logger in egg chamber.

Our team quickly got to the nesting site in the morning and the search for eggs began fairly quickly. Even though it took some time, the response team was successful on finding the eggs! 20 eggs were removed and the data logger was placed in the egg chamber. Then the eggs were replaced, well wishes were given, the nest was covered and marked off egg-cellently by the nesting response team! See ya in two months!





2017-07-09 Nest#10 Response (213) - J. Griffith

Hip-hip-hooray for Nest #10!!

  • nest number: 10
  • town: Swan Beach
  • date eggs laid: 07/09/2017
  • begin monitoring: 09/01/2017
  • total eggs: Washed out NE storm7/29/17

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